A downloadable prototype

This is a prototype I made to test an idea for making 2D climbing more engaging. 


W,A,S,D - Direction

SPACE - Jump

J/K - grab red/green


When you're near a climbable surface, press either J or K to latch onto the wall. Once latched on, you'll notice that pressing a direction causes symbols to come up on the screen; one red, one green: 

Press J, you'll grab the handhold in the red box. Press K, you'll grab green.  If there's no handhold, the box will be greyed out, showing you can't use that to climb:

So what handholds do you grab? As with real-life climbing, the larger and more pronounced the handhold, the easier it is to grab. Grab only small ones, you won't have enough stamina to get to the top. Choose wisely!

Hear rushing water? That means healing. If you find your grip depleted, douse yourself in a waterfall (or  water orb) in order to fill your meter back up.

Advanced Techniques:

You'll notice you can use SPACE to jump off of the wall at any time and reconnect with J/K. Reconnecting in this way uses a lot of stamina, but can sometimes be useful. 

Did you know you can wall jump off of barrier walls (meaning walls you can touch, not the back wall you climb on)? Jump next to a barrier wall and move towards it while hitting jump again and your character will kick off and jump higher.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, open the folder, and click 'Project Noshti.exe'


Project Noshti.zip 20 MB

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